Grasping at Straws: Intro

Have you ever been that lonely but brave soul who had an unpopular opinion that you would defend to your grave?


Maybe you are convinced that MySpace is superior to all other social media sites, past or present.

Perhaps you firmly believe that it should have been the Zune that deserved to dominate our pockets instead of the iPod.

Maybe you are even the fiercest proponent of the (ludicrous) idea that the Suicide Squad is more compelling than the Avengers.


If you are any of those people, or someone who holds onto an opinion that is similarly uncommon, Sour Power’s (in conjunction with Dorval Trading) new blog column is uniquely suited for you. Starting January 2, Sour Power Straws will no longer be the only straw-related product we have available for you (that is, if you count words on a screen as “product”).


Introducing Grasping at Straws: A weekly attempt to “make the case” for the black sheep of any and all categories and aspects of culture and life. The overlooked, the unheralded, the long forgotten. Every Wednesday, Sour Power (courtesy of Sour Cat, that wacky feline creature you see on all our products and at the main “Blog” page) will be delivering a different topic in which it argues why the general consensus could be wrong. It’s always easier to agree with the masses, but Sour Power (and Dorval Trading) has never been afraid to stand out and be bold. Grasping at Straws is another, albeit non-edible, extension of that commitment.


The inaugural post will be centered around Violet Beauregarde of Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory fame. Although this first post is candy-adjacent, future posts will not necessarily have a direct or even indirect connection to candy. Suggestions will absolutely be taken and considered, but please, keep it classy.


We sincerely hope you enjoy reading these as much as we are going to enjoy writing them. Always keep this in mind: we are merely “making the case,” providing a contention to a widely supported opinion. At no point will we ever be attacking anyone’s beliefs in a malicious manner. This is all in good fun 🙂


Thank you, and may the grasping begin!