Grasping at Straws: McGriddles

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Brought to you by Sour Cat 

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Pancakes we love, pancakes we trust

But what about pancakes as buns?

Smaller and round, founded with love

What if we sandwich’d it up?


“But pancakes are warm, with syrup adorned

You’ll have to hold it with a glove.”

Except it’s like syrup was already poured

So holding it’s never a chore.


The pancakes are great, they’re surely the bait

But you got some choices to make.

Sausage or bacon whichever you please

Unless you go no egg or cheese.


You’ve heard of golden arches, well this is golden dairy

The egg and the cheese are so complimentary.

Choosing plain sausage is so honestly scary

I can’t ever trust you if you get it regu-lair-y.


When you get it with a hash brown, wow what a pair.

Here, take my cash now, I don’t even care.

The taste is so pure, the taste is so true

I’m not ashamed to say that when I go I get two.


Even how it’s wrapped, so precise, a delight.

In between the buns, so packed, always right.

I can even taste it as I type these words.

After I eat two I often dream about a third.


In the past it was only on the menu in the morning

If you showed up late, you would surely be in mourning.

As a kid, grandparents could be downright boring

Until their early habits had them oh so adoring.


It’s already 10:20, “Grandpa, hurry up!

The line is so long, this is such bad luck!”

But when we finally got to the front of the line

We were greeted with a smile, “You’re just in time.”


No longer do you see that situation playing out

Hallelujah, breakfast is served all day now.

Pancakes, bacon-egg-and-cheese, get ’em when you want.

It’s 10:20 and I’m strolling in super nonchalant.


Don’t get me wrong now, it’s best as a treat.

It’s certainly not the healthiest thing you could eat.

“You’ll be better off without ’em, it’s not even worth it.”

Everyone has a weakness, and mine is so perfect.


You can clown me if you want, by now I know the drill.

It won’t stop me from loving these tasty sandwiches still.

As long as Mickey D’s has ’em cooking on their grills

I’ll claim that they’re the best, and I probably always will.


To the inventor of McGriddles, I don’t know where to start

“Thank you” doesn’t cover how I feel inside my heart.

Such a special creation, it truly has no flaws.

Or maybe, just maybe…I’m grasping at straws.