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Get delicious candies and chocolates from around the world by buying from Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. We’re an exclusive U.S. candy importer for many brands around the world. Our sweets range from premium chocolate to kid’s candies and everything else in between. As a privately-owned company, we focus on delivering these quality goods to our customers throughout the United States, including individuals, retailers, and wholesalers.

Contact us today to learn more about the specialty candy and chocolate products we sell and our import services. We look forward to putting a smile on your face with our irresistible sweets.

About Us

Since 1966, we have brought delicious confectionaries to Americans from England, Mexico, Holland, Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, France, and other countries. While obviously, we love tasty treats, what we love most is bringing smiles to people, young or old. Simply put, our goal as a candy distributing company is to make your day sweeter.

Retailers and wholesalers can contact us to order our products for their store. Individuals can purchase our products online at Amazon or locally at IT’Sugar stores. We also like to maintain a presence at national trade shows, where you can sample the sweet, sour, and chocolate candy we have to offer. We strive to help diversify the American candy market with delicious treats that are normally only available overseas.

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