Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. is extremely pleased to announce the introduction of our Dutch processed, unsweetened Cocoa here in the U.S. under the DORVAL PREMIUM COLLECTION® brand. Imported from Holland, the 8.8 oz. box of Cocoa can be used for either baking or drinking. The Cocoa is Kosher for Passover and all year use. Available in 12 count cases as well as a 32 count shipper, the DORVAL PREMIUM COLLECTION® Cocoa box has an upscale, premium look that will stand out among the rest. According to Roberta Cappel, President of Dorval, “We are very excited to present this new cocoa. This is the first time Dorval has offered their own branded cocoa here in the U.S. With the amount of press recently given to the health benefits of flavanols and antioxidants found in cocoa, we feel this item will be a huge success. We strongly believe that DORVAL PREMIUM COLLECTION® Cocoa, with its superior taste and quality, will be second to none”.

DORVAL PREMIUM COLLECTION® Cocoa is the next logical step to join the already successful DORVAL PREMIUM COLLECTION® portfolio of Chocolate Sticks and Crispy Chocolate Thins, also made in Holland.

About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

For over 45 years, Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., has been an importer of an extensive range of high-quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena.

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Posted by Jenifer Stone