January 2016, Nanuet, NYDORVAL TRADING CO., LTD. is proud to announce that this year, the company is celebrating its 50th year in business.  President Roberta Cappel says she has a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment in reaching such a milestone. Roberta’s parents, Jack and Florence Cappel, founded the company in 1966. “My parents started out with a vision that was based on a strong commitment to bring quality products to consumers. We’ve maintained this commitment throughout our 50-year history. It is that vision as well as our integrity with respect to our customers, sales associates, and our manufacturer partners which has allowed us to not only endure, but also continue to grow as an organization.”

While the importing business can be challenging and competitive, Cappel stresses that they are very selective when it comes to choosing with whom they do business. “It never made sense to us to just partner with any manufacturer looking to get their foot in the door in the U.S. marketplace. We only establish relationships with those companies which we believe are reputable and offer only the highest quality products. We’re very proud of the relationships that we’ve formed and we look forward to many more productive and profitable years to come.”

DORVAL has its own line of products under the Sour Powerâ brand, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, as well as their specialty brand Dorval Premium Collection® Chocolates and Cocoa, plus Top Pops® and Choice Confections®. Other brands represented under the DORVAL umbrella include Rademaker® Hopjes, Rendez Vous®, and King®.

About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

Since 1966, the DORVAL name has been synonymous with quality confections. For 50 years, DORVAL has been an importer of an extensive range of high-quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. DORVAL has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena.

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Posted by Jenifer Stone