Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. announces its latest SOUR POWER® flavor in the Bulk Belts category – MANGO!

Take your taste buds to a tropical paradise with the juicy, exotic flavor of SOUR POWER® MANGO BELTS.  Imagine eating a fresh, ripe mango while sitting under the palm trees on a sunny day!

MANGO joins the other existing flavors in our ever-growing line of Bulk Belts including Sour Power Quattro®, Lemon, Wild Cherry, Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry/Apple, Berry/Blue, Strawberry/Banana, Raspberry/Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple and Watermelon.

The MANGO Bulk Belts are packed in 3×6.6 lb. units. This new product is ready to ship now!

Dorval has continued to develop products that feature the legendary sour taste that kids and adults love.  SOUR POWER® is now available in Straws and Belts all in wrapped, unwrapped or in bulk format in a variety of package types and flavors along with the newest addition of Sour Power® Sour Popping Candy.

About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., is an importer of an extensive range of high-quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena.  In addition to the Sour Power® 30th brand anniversary in 2015, Dorval celebrated their 50th anniversary in business last year.

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Posted by Jenifer Stone