February 2016, Nanuet, NY–  DORVAL TRADING CO., LTD. announces its latest SOUR POWER® item – SOUR POWER® SOUR POPPING CANDY!

SOUR POWER® SOUR POPPING CANDY is the newest innovation from the minds at SOUR POWER®. The unique concept of combining their mouth-watering flavors with a popping candy didn’t just stop there. SOUR POWER® went ahead and created a blended pouch of SOUR popping candy, producing a combination of flavors such as Green Apple + Strawberry, Strawberry + Blue Raspberry and Sour Power Quattro®, a 4 color/4 flavor blended pouch.

Each 0.33oz (9.5g) pouch contains a unique combination of flavors, not individual ones. “We wanted to create an item that stood apart from similar items in the market,” states Roberta Cappel, President. “The fact that we combined our most popular flavors in single packs, and made it sour really puts SOUR POWER® SOUR POPPING CANDY on the map as a major player in the popping candy category.”

The pack designs are consistent with the bright and vivid colors consumers have come to know and expect in SOUR POWER®. They are packed in 12x18ct cartons, and make a great display for any shelf or counter. The new SOUR POWER® POPPING CANDY is available now.

Dorval was instrumental in launching the sour craze in the United States in 1985 with SOUR POWER®, and celebrated its 30th brand anniversary in 2015. SOUR POWER® SOUR POPPING CANDY joins the rest of the Straws and Belts in wrapped, unwrapped or bulk format in a variety of package types and flavors.

About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., is an importer of an extensive range of high-quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena.  In addition to the Sour Power® 30th brand anniversary in 2015, Dorval celebrates their 50th anniversary in business this year.

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Posted by Jenifer Stone