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Sour Power 4 oz Peg Bags

Sour Power®

4oz Peg Bags

Available in 3 varieties - the 4oz Peg Bags are based on the widely popular SOUR POWER QUATTRO®, a 4 color, 4 flavor peelable sour belt.

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Top Pops Taffy Pops

Top Pops® Taffy Pops

TOP POPS® CHEWY TAFFY CANDY POPS are new and improved! Enhanced flavors and softer texture! Larger box with slotted pop holders! 5 amazing flavors and upc's on each stick!

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Sour Power Straws
Straw packages

Sour Power®

Sour Power Straw Packages

Featuring 10 great flavors, including new Mango and new Passionfruit!!

Bright and colorful packaging will really make your mouth water!

Sour Power Belts

Sour Power®

Sour Power Belt Packages

New format and three amazing varieties-Sour Power Quattro®, Strawberry, and Blazpberry® -a Red & Blue Raspberry 2-color belt.

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Sour Power Watermelon

Sour Power®

Sour Power Watermelon Belts have a new look!

The first 3-color belt in the Sour Power® line!

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New Sour Power Bursts

The latest innovation from Sour Power® features the iconic star burst logo shape in a sour gummy in the famous Quattro 4 colors / 4 flavor assortment!

NEW! Sour Power Bursts™
NEW Mango Individually Wrapped Belts

Sour Power®

New Mango Individually Wrapped Belts

The newest flavor to join the category!

NEW Passionfruit Straw Packages

Sour Power®

New Passionfruit Straw Packages

Intensely tart and juicy, this new flavor joins the line!

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When you are looking for delicious candy and tasty chocolate from all around the world; then you’re in the right place. As a privately owned, full-service candy distributing company, Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. is proud to be the exclusive American importer for a wide range of international candy companies. We’re your source for everything from kid’s candy to premium chocolate products. Wherever you are in the United States, you can count on us to deliver high-quality candy products that are sure to be a hit. Contact us today for more information from America’s best candy distributing company.

Introducing Exciting New Sweets to the Country

There is an entire world of confections that we Americans have yet to discover—until now. Our founders, Jack and Florence Cappel, are passionate about sourcing sweets that are only sold overseas and then bringing them to the US. Their goal has always been to diversify the American candy market. Thanks to Jack and Florence, the American population can finally taste the treats they’ve been missing.

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. operates primarily in a business-to-business context, meaning we provide candy that other companies or stores can then sell to their customers. You may have seen our booths at national trade events where we let businesses sample the wide range of sweets of which their store can take advantage. This selection includes everything from tried and true sweets to the newer and more unusual varieties of candy. However, there is one thing that all our candy has in common: the ability to delight the palate and tempt the taste buds.

About Us

Since 1966, Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. has brought unique and exciting confectionaries to America from diverse countries such as England, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Argentina, Holland, and Mexico. Our story began with delectable treats sourced from South America, and our operations only grew from there. Today, we continue to enjoy bringing smiles to the faces of candy lovers across the country.

Our Products

We offer an impressive selection of candy, ranging from sour to sweet. You may even be familiar with some of our most popular brands. Note that our products are available for sale to both individuals and retailers.

Sour Power® brings you the sweet and tart combination that kids and folks of all ages simply adore.
You’re sure to love these fruity, chewy, and long-lasting taffy pops, available in a fun variety of yummy flavors.
Chocolate enthusiasts can’t get enough of the Dorval Premium Collection® line of Chocolate Thins and Chocolate Sticks.
These all-natural candies are imported from France and packaged in a round tin with flavor-themed graphics.
No one can forget these top-selling specialty mints and creamy, coffee-flavored hard candies.
We invite you to check out our full line of products.

Contact Us Today

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about selling our products in your store. We’re always happy to help retailers and wholesalers take their candy selection and snack stations to the next level. If you’re an individual simply looking for a yummy snack, you can find our products on Amazon or at your local IT’SUGAR store.

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