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When you need a sweet treat, set sail with Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. We’ve been importing confections since the 1960s, bringing home favorite sweets from across the ocean. You can find our items in stores and online. Our online candy products include everything from premium chocolates to sour belts. We’re pleased to offer a diverse range of confections that appeal to both children and adults.

Our company is the exclusive U.S. importer for these candy brands. Whether you’re looking to taste something new or want to add a unique product to your shelves, you can’t go wrong with these confections. We choose the best, most popular brands from abroad to introduce to the domestic market, so we’re sure you’ll love these specialty candies.

Both individual and bulk purchases are welcome. If you’d like to stock our products in your retail or wholesale store, please reach out to our team for the best deal. Our candies are individually wrapped and come packaged in a wide range of eye-catching, shelf-ready boxes that are sure to appeal to your shoppers.

From chocolate to imported items, check out our quality candy products below:

Contact us to learn more about the candies we sell and where to buy them. Our products ship nationwide.


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