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As Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., we understand the joy that candy brings in all our lives. For lovers of the sweeter things, and kids of all ages, we offer a wide range of imported candy that will get your mouth watering. Our stock is sure to have your favorite kind! From Top Pops® to Sour Power® we have all the most popular brands, as well as a range of specialty candy flavors listed below. Satisfy your sweet tooth today!


Rademaker® Hopjes

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Take a trip down memory lane with Rademaker® Hopjes! As a staple of everyone’s childhoods, we know you’ll remember these creamy, coffee-flavored hard candies. Sweet and succulent, these Dutch sweets are available in a convenient bag that you can easily take home with you. Place an order today and enjoy these Dutch candies that adults and kids both love!


King® Peppermints

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Do you love mints? Then you’ll want to try out the most beloved and best-selling mints in Holland. King® Peppermints provide a distinct and long-lasting minty flavor that is guaranteed to get you through your day. Taste this extraordinary peppermint candy today!

Hopjes Bag 7.05 oz.

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20ct carton


Item #30100
8 x 36 ct.

Hopjes Bulk 9.9lb Case

Item #30470

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