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At Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., we’ve been satisfying customers’ craving for specialty candy since 1966. As the exclusive US importer of many popular candies from around the world, we carry a diverse line of products that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Contact us if you are a retailer or wholesaler who’d like to add imported candy to your product line.

Our high-quality candy is an experience that will bring back fond memories of your childhood. Try our Top Pops or Sour Power candies to rediscover the simple joy of sweet treats. As your candy distributing company, you can count on receiving world-class products for a reasonable price.


Rademaker® Hopjes

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These creamy, coffee-flavored hard candies are a Dutch classic that you and your customers are sure to love. We offer these sweet, succulent confections in 7.05-ounce bags that are packaged in 20-count cartons. Bulk orders are available in 9.9-pound cases.


King® Peppermints

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Another Dutch favorite, King mints are the most beloved and best-selling peppermint in Holland. These candies provide a distinct, long-lasting minty flavor that’s an experience you have to try. We offer these extraordinary mints in display-ready packaging that will look great on retail shelves. Place your order today!

Hopjes Bag 7.05 oz.

Item #00141

20ct carton


Item #30100
8 x 36 ct.

Hopjes Bulk 9.9lb Case

Item #30470

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Top Pops
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