Top Pops®

Top Pops® Taffy Pops  are new and improved with enhanced flavors and a softer texture. The pops are chewy, fruity long-lasting candy lollipops in a variety of delicious flavors! 

Packed in 24 x 48ct displays, the new boxes are slightly larger for better visibility on the shelf. Each box also contains 12 slotted pop holders for creative merchandising.  Graphics are updated with bold new packaging. Each pop now has a UPC on the stick for individual piece sale. 

Top Pops® are the perfect choice for every kids’ candy section!

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Item #35510
24 x 48 ct.


Item #35520
24 x 48 ct.


Item #35525
24 x 48 ct.


Item #35535
24 x 48 ct.

Blazpberry® (Red & Blue Raspberry)

Item #35540
24 x 48 ct.

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Top Pops
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