Top Pops®

Top Pops® are growing!

We are excited to unveil the brand new items under the TOP POPS® banner!  We have been working hard to bring you exciting new concepts and they are all available now!

First, we added a 5lb (net) Bulk Assorted TOP POPS® bag that is filled with every flavor of our chewy candy taffy pops currently offered-Blazpberry® (Red & Blue Raspberry), Strawberry, Watermelon, Strawberry/Lemon.

Next, we've developed TOP POPS® Taffy Stixx! Each box is packed with 12 packages each containing 4 individually wrapped chewy taffy stixx. The graphics are fun, shiny and colorful, truly eye-catching for any shelf!

As before, we've updated the graphics on our TOP POPS® Taffy Pops with a more modern, clean and fun image for the line.

All TOP POPS® items are also GMO and Gluten free and those logos have been highlighted all packaging for maximum visibility.

In addition, we’ve been able to work on a reformulation to achieve a longer shelf life of 2 years!

Top Pops® now has more to offer for every candy section!

Tops Pops logo

NEW! Watermelon

Item #20420
12 x 12 ct.

NEW! Strawberry

Item #20425
12 x 12 ct.

NEW! Blazpberry® (Red & Blue Raspberry)

Item #20440
12 x 12 ct.


Item #22710

24 x 48ct.


Item #22720

24 x 48ct.


Item #22725

24 x 48ct.


Item #22735

24 x 48ct.

Blazpberry® (Red & Blue Raspberry)

Item #22740

24 x 48ct.

NEW! Assorted Bulk Bag

Item #28810
4 x 5 lbs.

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