Sour Power® has pucker power for 30 years!

January 2015, Nanuet, NY– Sour Power® has been The Original since 1985! The sour candy category was brand new when Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. introduced their first Sour Power® item, their unwrapped sour sanded straws in tubs.  It was at the 1985 ISM show in Germany that they first found the extruded licorice-type sanded straws. President Roberta Cappel says “There weren’t any sour products on the market at the time. We decided to be the first.”

And what a successful risk that was! At first, like with many new concepts, it took persistence plus sales & marketing ingenuity to help the item take off. But within a year of their first shipment, Sour Power® Straws exploded on the market. Soon after, Dorval began to build on the success of their initial offering by adding new flavors and formats regularly. The goal was to keep in touch with tastes and formats that appealed to all ages and to stay with the ever-changing trends that exist in the confectionery universe.

During Dorval’s almost 50 year history, they have maintained their vision of offering only very high-quality products and have certainly been most careful to do that during the 30 years of Sour Power®. “We tend to be perfectionists,” says Cappel, “only bringing products to market once we are confident the flavor profile is superb.”

From the very beginning with Sour Power® Straws in tubs, Dorval eventually extended the line to include Belts in Tubs, Belts in Bulk, Straws in Packages and Individually Wrapped Belts. And now, to coincide with the 30 year anniversary, Dorval has revamped the packaging on their original core flavors of Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon Straw Packages. The new layout, graphics and overall appeal of the packaging modernizes the history of the brand, and makes the entire range of Straw Packages a cohesive, eye-catching family.

Also in 2014, Dorval re-launched their Sortz® Assorted Straw Packages which was reformulated for broader consumer appeal and is now the same 4-color, 4-flavor combination of the very popular Sour Power Quattro® Belts, with brighter colors.

Today, the Sour Power® range of flavors includes Strawberry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Berry/Blue, Strawberry/Banana, Strawberry/Green Apple, Raspberry/Cherry, Quattro® 4 color/ flavor, Sortz® assorted, Pink Lemonade, Cotton Candy and Wild Cherry.

Since 1985, Sour Power® has been offering a variety of shapes, packages, and mouth-watering flavor varieties that people can’t seem to get enough of! Look for fun and exciting updates and things to come throughout 2015 as Dorval continues to celebrate this milestone of their Sour Power® brand.

About Dorval Trading Co., Ltd.

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd., is an importer of an extensive range of high-quality confectionery products from major manufacturers around the world. Dorval has grown into a significant presence in the confectionery and specialty distribution arena.  In addition to the Sour Power® 30th brand anniversary, Dorval is preparing for their 50th anniversary in business in 2016.

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Posted by Jenifer Stone