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When you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth but tired of the same old treats you eat every day; Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. has the solution. Since 1966, we have been known and celebrated for offering a delicious array of specialty candy from around the world. Discover something new today. Place your order and try a new international treat.


A Taste of the World

We have an impressive selection of candy and sweet treats here in the United States. But we don’t have everything. There’s an entire world of delicious snacks waiting for us. At our candy distribution company, we’re dedicated to offering interesting and unique candy from every corner of the planet. In fact, we’re the exclusive American distributor for some of the best international candies available. Our impressive selection includes:

  • Rademarker Hopjes
  • King Peppermints
  • Top Pops
  • Sour Power
  • Rendez Vous

Reach Out To Us Today

Dorval Trading Co., Ltd. is passionate about our specialty candies—and we want you to be as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about our specialty candy. Call us today. One of our candy experts will be happy to answer your question and tell you all about our exclusive brands.