Sour Power® Straw Tubs & Belt Tubs

Sour Power® has the taste that kids (and kids of all ages) love! Since 1985, Sour Power® has been offering a variety of shapes, packages, and mouth-watering flavor varieties that people can't seem to get enough of! Try our Sour Straws, Belts, and other great products in all your favorite flavors!

Sour Power

Straw Tubs


Belt Tubs

Quattro® 4 Color / 4 Flavor

Item #11877
12 x 150 ct.

Pink Lemonade

Item #11885
12 x 150 ct.


Item #11893
12 x 150 ct.

Green Apple

Item #11894
12 x 150 ct.

Berry / Blue

Item #11895
12 x 150 ct.


Item #11898
12 x 150 ct.

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